Avoid long PLC lead times with igus step direction motor driver for low-cost automation

Published on: 24/08/2022

Get your automation system commissioned quickly – simple PLC alternatives from £80 are available directly from stock For many simple automated operations, like adjusting the width of a conveyor guiding edge or the height of a monitor, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are often oversized and not necessary. Alternatives from igus are the step direction motor […]


VOTW -There is no strain with the igus® Strainwave gear

Published on: 14/10/2021

The new generation of the strain wave gear is low cost, self-lubricating and polymer! With high efficiency, no lubrication and its lightweight design, the dry running strain wave gear is a welcomed addition to the drygear® family. In this week’s video of the week, you can see how easy it to assemble and how the […]


Ultra-compact ZLN-40 toothed belt axis for small installation spaces

Published on: 15/04/2020

4th February, 2020 igus has introduced a compact toothed belt axis based on its flat drylin N linear system. The drylin ZLN-40 is 27mm high and 40mm wide and can be delivered with a stroke length of up to 750mm. The modular unit is easy to assemble within minutes or can be ordered and delivered […]