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VOTW- Want to go racing? Greaves 3D and igus® bring racing to students at Northampton university

Published on: 30/09/2022

igus®, Greaves 3D Engineering and the University of Northampton came together to introduce the new racing simulator. This has been developed by Greaves 3D Engineering and features approx 45 igus® components from; bearings, linear rails, drives to various types of e-chains®. These racing simulators are being used as part of the esports BSc degree course […]


GO! Greaves 3D and igus take the lead in race to perfectly simulate motorsport

Published on: 15/09/2022

A super-realistic racing simulator has been developed by Greaves 3D Engineering that features 45 igus bearings, linear rails, drives and e-chains. The University of Northampton is using the simulator for deployment on its esports BSc degree course. The driver grips the contoured steering wheel lightly and adjusts the seat position forward, angled back. The pedal […]