Machine tool manufacturer relies on complete solution from igus for energy supply system


10th January, 2020

Large gantry-style milling machines are the speciality of machine builder Kao Ming from Taiwan. The long travels of up to 13m provide challenging requirements for the supply of power and data. By choosing the guidelok from igus, Kao Ming decided in favour of a system that is reliable, robust and operates without support.

Based in Feng Yuan City, Taiwan, Kao Ming is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of heavy-duty robotic milling machines. As such, it places the highest demands on the quality of its products. This is ensured, for example, with its own research and development department and a high level of vertical integration. Great emphasis is also placed on a very strong basic machine design. On the travel axes, box guideways ensure maximum rigidity and damping

The KMC-G series is one of the company’s largest gantry machine centres – on these machines, the table with the workpiece remains stationary. This design works well when machining large and heavy workpieces, such as those found in the aerospace industry.

The dimensions of these parts are getting larger. While the first systems of the G series had a traverse path of 6m in the X axis, the newest models have 13m. In addition, rather than just working in the horizontal plane, it now machines at different working angles. This is achieved by adding a spindle changer, so that milling tools with different machining angles can be exchanged.

The various spindles increase the number of cables and hoses that need to be moved from the central control cabinet through the system to the milling unit. The modular design, of which Kao Ming is particularly proud, also increases the requirements on the energy chain, as the travel distance is a little longer than usual. With this system, additional modules can be inserted on the X axis. “For longer travels, no energy chain can do without support in the long term, especially not when you consider the additional weight caused by the hoses and cables inside the chain,” explains Tim Chang, General Manager of Kao Ming.

The igus guidelok system meets the requirements of Kao Ming almost perfectly. The special design of the support rollers ensures that the upper run of the chain can move smoothly and quickly. This simple design eliminates the need for regular maintenance. The travel can be extended up to 50m.

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