Clean, safe, detectable: new igus tribo polymers for food contact


18th February, 2020

Media resistance, lubrication-free and corrosion-free: these are the requirements machine components in the food industry must meet. igus has developed two new materials for its plain and spherical bearings: the iglidur FC180 and igumid FC. Both materials comply with FDA and EU10/2011 regulations and are therefore ideal for use in the food industry.

The iglidur FC 180 (Food Contact) material is designed specifically for contact with food. It is visually detectable by its blue colour, as well as by metal detectors. In case of damage, broken pieces can be quickly detected and removed.

“Its low moisture absorption and lubrication-free properties are additional criteria that make iglidur FC 180 suitable for applications in the food technology, beverage and packaging industries,” says Robert Dumayne, dry-tech director, igus.

For the first time, igus offers self-adjusting igubal bearings approved for direct contact with food. The new bearings use igumid FC material for the housing in combination with iglidur FC180 as spherical ball material.

“Sesotec GmbH, the specialist for foreign body detection and manufacturer of metal detectors for the food industry, confirmed the excellent detectability of the materials,” adds Dumayne. “Even the smallest fragments of 0.0139g (iglidur FC180) or 0.015 g (igumid FC) can still be identified on a conveyor belt when passing through the INTUITY metal detector.”

The new vibration dampening bearings are resistant to corrosion and media due to their polymer base, allowing them to withstand both water and chemical cleaning. As a result, equipment manufacturers and operators in the food industry can now quickly and easily equip their machines with a wide range of bearing solutions from igus while saving money. This is because plastic plain bearings are self-lubricating and are therefore maintenance -free and are much more cost effective to buy than solutions consisting of sealed stainless-steel bearings with food-grade lubricants.

For more information about all of the food grade products from igus, please visit:  or call igus directly on: 01604 677240

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