Video of the Week – the 2020 new products from igus


1st May, 2020

Tech up, Cost down: we will always give you at least one of these. This is our job and for many years has been our promise to you. The immense challenges of this year have spurred us on to even greater efforts. During this uncertain time of change, exhibitions have been cancelled.  We have built a “virtual stand” so you can still visit an igus exhibition this spring, and view all the new 2020 productions. The exhibition covers more than 400m² and is available for virtual visits and personal advice, and, when it is allowed again, for your real visit. In this week’s video, our Vice President, Artur Peplinski gives a tour of the stand.

One of the top highlights is the autoglide 5 energy chain, which is specially designed for horizontal use in intralogistics as well as on crane sites. It eliminates the need for a guide trough, reducing assembly time by up to 88 percent compared to traditional systems. Instead, the chain lies on a tensioned cable. The chain can travel at speeds of up to 4m/s and distances up to 80m. It is also very quiet – in tests, at a speed of 2m/s, the measured value was just 63dB(A).

The e-spool flex 2.0 is a cable reel without a slip ring. It can manage cables from 5 to 15mm diameter. Here, the cable is always safely routed through a guide to ensure that it is always properly rolled up.

For control of robolink D robotic arms, gantries and drylin linear and delta robots, the igus Robot Control kit contains everything you need. With a simple to use interface, you can program and move the robot.

Brand new for home office engineers is the drygear strainwave gear range, which offers 50 percent higher efficiency. Very lightweight and compact, it is made of igus high-performance polymers and is cost-efficient.

The drylin NTP27 telescopic guide is made entirely of plastic. Its lightweight design makes it very energy efficient in interior applications, such as in an aircraft. The guide can take loads up to 2.5kg and is available in extension lengths of up to 150mm. Installation is fast and intuitive, and the polymer telescopic guide runs without any lubrication.

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