igus energy chain developed to help generate environmentally friendly shore power


The e-loop energy supply series which increases safety and reduces procurement and installation time has been expanded to suit static applications, including shore power supplies.

Shore power offers the provision of electrical power to a ship at berth so that its main and auxiliary engines can be shut down. Stricter guidelines are forcing ports to implement more environmentally friendly technologies and the igus e-loop series allows not only the reduction of air pollution and noise but also minimises the vibration from vessels while at berth.

igus developed the e-loop as an alternative to the service loop – a product with no defined bend radius and which, in worst case scenarios, can break. Another drawback to the service loop is that when it is serviced or repaired the complete system must be replaced since the cables are sealed into the system.

Justin Leonard, a UK Director of igus, the global manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings, said: “The e-loop multi-axis energy supply system combines the advantages of a polymer energy chain with a high-strength rope. The rope absorbs the tensile forces inside the chain and transmits them to the mounting brackets. This means that the cables remain completely free of strain.

“Due to its success, we recently expanded this e-loop series to include a version with crossbars across every second link. It is lightweight and cost-effective, withstands vibrations and shocks and is specifically developed for static applications such as shore power, enabling energy to be supplied from the mast to the power container. This saves on the fuel that would otherwise be used to power vessels while in port, dramatically reducing air pollution.”

The e-loop readychain system, harnessed by igus and tested with a Megger VLF Sinus 34kV, has been found to save the user almost 90% procurement and 68% assembly time. In addition, igus has a guarantee of up to 36 months depending on the configuration of the e-loop, and when the machine and system reaches the end of its service life, igus can take it back and recycle it.

igus now offers its energy chains with special connectors and cables as fully tested readychains. The e-loop is also available with rollers and handle modules so that it can be easily moved at quay facilities. It guides cables safely at a defined bend radius and even withstands shocks and impacts.

You can find more information and videos about the e-loop at: https://www.igus.co.uk/info/e-loop

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