A world-first: igus designs e-skin flat single pods for cleanrooms


Plastics expert igus has developed the world’s first ‘e-skin flat’ single pod – designed specifically to guide cables in compact and particle-free cleanrooms.

To ensure quick and easy installation customers can use the e-skin flat to select and combine chambers and then insert the cables in seconds. There is also the option of a new support chain, which strengthens the e-skin flat.

This new energy supply system was first unveiled by igus last year at the Hannover show, the world’s leading technology exhibition for innovation and emerging trends.

Rebecca Barnes, e-skin specialist at igus, the global manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings, explained: “Since the e-skin flat launch we have been inundated with orders and enquiries.

“When cables fail in other energy supply and clean cable systems the entire energy supply system has to be replaced. The e-skin flat though is easy-to-maintain and unlike other designs the cables are not shrink-wrapped. The user can select the number of chambers, connect them together, extend them at any time, cut them to the desired length and insert the cables.”

The increased electrification of everything from cars to smart watches has seen a dramatic growth in the semiconductor industry. This in turn has seen a rise in the demand for cables and energy supply systems which meet the strict particle-free requirements that only a cleanroom can deliver.

The e-skin flat single pods

The e-skin flat single pods are available in two dimensions – as both closed and open designs.

In the closed design, the cables can simply be guided through the chamber openings, while in the open design the cables are inserted from the side and closed by fastening a zip.

To increase the stability of the e-skin flat single pods, the igus product range also includes an e-skin flat with support chain for its closed design. The integrated chain, made of a wear-resistant igus polymer, is matched to the material of the e-skin flat. Thanks to its rounded edges it does not damage the chamber.

igus also offers a ready-to-connect system with specially developed cleanroom cables.

All cleanroom solutions are tested by igus in its new tailor-made ISO Class 1 cleanroom laboratory, which is based in its 3,800 square-metre igus test centre in Cologne, Germany.

It is equipped to test all igus products, including energy chains, cables, linear bearings, robot gearboxes and plain bearings and has been designed to comply with ISO Class 14644-14 – an internationally recognised standard that stipulates the permissible quantity of particles allowed in a cleanroom. 

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