Isn’t it time you changed? Metal out, igubal® in!


Grease is a thing of the past! It’s the dirty and costly way of lubricating your bearings and moving parts. In the future it will be outed as the combustion engine of the mechanical work and users will be searching for that new and efficient way of keeping production lines and other equipment running. You don’t need to wait. Using lubrication-free alternative bearings in conveyor applications ensures a clean, smooth application. The igubal® range is dimensionally the same as many traditional bearings used on conveyors so why not changing your metal ones for a longer, cleaner service life!

In this weeks’ video of the week, the igubal® self-aligning bearings are on show. No grease, lightweight, in stock and ready to be exchanged for your metal bearings!

To view the video, click here

For more information on the igus® igubal® range visit the website

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