plain bearings

New igutex TX3 fibre-wound material perfect for construction and heavy-duty work

Published on: 18/07/2023

igus launches a new lubrication-free material, for bearings needing higher running performance with high dynamic forces, ideal for heavy-duty applications. In applications with loads of more than 80Mpa, plain bearings made of thermoplastic materials can be pushing their physical limits. Igus has expanded the existing range of standard plain bearings with the new igutex fibre-wound […]


Support heavy loads easily – TX1 and TX2

Published on: 21/02/2023

iglidur tribopolymer plain bearings reduce the use of lubricants, cutting costs and ensuring maintenance-free operation Construction and agricultural machinery users want to save money and significantly reduce maintenance. Dry running iglidur plain bearings from igus are suitable for precisely these applications. When servicing construction and agricultural machinery, lubricating the bearing points is one of the […]


First sustainable plain bearing materials from igus made of regranulated tribo-plastics

Published on: 31/10/2022

The sustainable iglidur materials ECO H, ECO P, ECO A180 and ECO G consist of regranulate so conserve resources, and abrasion-resistance helps to reduce microplastics. Social change, responsibility towards the environment and changes in how plastics are handled are leaving their mark on industry. For customers who want a more sustainable design for their moving […]


VOTW- iglidur® in bar feeder machines

Published on: 06/10/2022

Bar feeders are known for their speed precision and efficient running. For these reasons alone, igus®’ iglidur® products are ideal. The lubrication and maintenance free plain bearings run effortlessly on shafts, are wear resistant and predictable. All of this can be seen in this week’s video of the week. Click here to view For […]


GO! Greaves 3D and igus take the lead in race to perfectly simulate motorsport

Published on: 15/09/2022

A super-realistic racing simulator has been developed by Greaves 3D Engineering that features 45 igus bearings, linear rails, drives and e-chains. The University of Northampton is using the simulator for deployment on its esports BSc degree course. The driver grips the contoured steering wheel lightly and adjusts the seat position forward, angled back. The pedal […]


VOTW-Could this be the future?

Published on: 28/07/2022

Could this video be a premonition of how the future of travel looks? igus® is heavily involved in providing parts within vehicle interiors, as well as production and design of vehicles. This video highlights all the many benefits & possibilities within vehicles for both energy chains, plain bearings and linear products. To view the video, […]


Metal out, plastic in: igus presents new lubrication-free plain bearings for heavy industry

Published on: 20/07/2022

Bearing points on construction and agricultural machinery can be free of lubrication and maintenance with iglidur M210 and M260 materials Save time and costs on bearings for machinery medium loads with iglidur M210 and M260. These materials enable heavy machinery like construction equipment to switch from thick-walled metal bearings to plastic bearings with no structural […]


Autonomous cleaning robot runs even cleaner with drylin linear bearings

Published on: 17/05/2022

Lubrication-free drylin linear guides ensure smooth operation of the K900 cleaning robot from KEMARO AG The K900 industrial robot cleans floors wherever it needs to, autonomously and without programming, even in places where it is potentially dangerous or even impossible for people to clean. Lubrication-free linear guides, shafts, plain and fixed flange bearings from igus all […]


When speed counts: FastLine delivers injection-moulded special plain bearings in 7 days

Published on: 22/02/2022

New toolmaking production line enables rapid delivery of customised igus plain bearings Industrial parts and products must be delivered quickly and reliably, but the manufacture of special parts by injection moulding can take several weeks. Plastics specialist igus has expanded its in-house toolmaking department and can now offer its customers the “FastLine” express service. Lubrication-free, […]


Horse 2.0: Electric LyteHorse can conquer city, farm, forest and desert

Published on: 07/12/2021

Lubrication-free igus plain bearings allow new, go-anywhere electric stand-up vehicle to operate in even the most difficult environmental conditions An electric version of man’s most dependable and versatile friend, the horse, is now a reality. Canadian company LyteHorse Labs has designed a novel all-terrain electric vehicle, suitable for many applications and environmental conditions. igus bearings […]