New igutex TX3 fibre-wound material perfect for construction and heavy-duty work


igus launches a new lubrication-free material, for bearings needing higher running performance with high dynamic forces, ideal for heavy-duty applications.

In applications with loads of more than 80Mpa, plain bearings made of thermoplastic materials can be pushing their physical limits. Igus has expanded the existing range of standard plain bearings with the new igutex fibre-wound plain bearing series. The new bearing displays its strength in heavy-duty areas such as construction machinery and crane hoists. The latest version in the product family is the material igutex TX3, which offers an even higher running performance with high dynamic forces than previous igutex bearings.

igus has developed plain bearings made from high-strength, fibre-wound materials – the igutex bearing family. These use carbon fibre embedded in the material and are used where very high impact loads occur and where injection-moulded plain bearings may reach their load limits. “This can be construction machinery, the agricultural industry or applications in container cranes or in the offshore sector,” explains Rob Dumayne, drytech® director at igus UK.

Extremely strong filaments and their special winding technology structure ensure maximum strength and wear. A robust fibreglass fabric serves as the outer shell, while a tribologically-optimised inner layer reduces friction on the shaft and gives a smooth gliding surface. “Our igutex materials are ideal for applications that have to absorb up to 200Mpa,” says Dumayne.

Now igus has developed a material that offers an even longer service life – the new igutex TX3. It is especially suitable under extreme dynamic loads, and where increasing and decreasing loads (pulsating loads) may occur – for example, in the hydraulic links of excavator shovels. igutex TX3 also enables the use of rough or soft shaft materials, such as Cf53. As with all iglidur plain bearings, igutex TX3 is self-lubricating and is completely dry running. Solid lubricants, which are integrated in the sliding layer of the fibre-wound bearing, enable the best possible coefficients of friction without the need for external lubrication. Users can therefore save substantial costs on oil, grease, and maintenance. Additionally, no lubricants are released into the environment, improving the application’s sustainability.

The new test winner

igutex TX3 was thoroughly tested at the indoor and outdoor test rigs at the igus test laboratory in Cologne. Tests showed that, from among the igutex family, the igutex TX3 plain bearing on a Cf53 hard chrome-plated shaft achieved the best values for a pivoting application with 100MPa. The new igutex TX3 fibre-wound plain bearings are in stock and are part of the standard igutex product range with inner diameters of 20 to 80mm. Custom-made products with additional diameters are also available on request.

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