36-month guarantee for igus e-chains


10th March, 2020

Robust, lightweight and maintenance-free; these are the key features of the high-performance e-chains from igus. To ensure reliability for users, igus now offers a 36-month guarantee on its e-chains, which matches the similar chainflex cable guarantee. With the online service life calculator, users can now determine the guaranteed runtime of their e-chain and receive a guarantee certificate automatically.

To do this, users just open the online service life calculator for e-chains and enter the dynamic information and the environmental conditions of the application. The tool then calculates the predicted service life of the e-chain in double strokes. The guarantee certificate is automatically emailed to the user with one click.

“The new guarantee programme gives our customers the added security of being able to design their individual application correctly and always choose the most cost-effective e-chain that works,” explains Justin Leonard, the‑chain director, igus. “The guarantee covers the calculated double strokes or 36 months, whichever comes first. Should an energy chain fail due to wear and tear under this guarantee, the customer will receive a free replacement.”

To determine the service life of its products, igus tests its products thoroughly under the most adverse conditions to the point of failure. Over 10 billion e-chain test cycles are performed in the 3,800m2 laboratory every year. Based on this test data, igus began offering a 36-month guarantee on its chainflex cable range back in 2015. To offer the same for its energy chains, means that igus is the only manufacturer in the world to give a 36-month lifetime guarantee.

The service life calculator uses the empirical data from the test laboratory to determine the life of its e-chains in the customer application. Over 4,000 tests and more than 7,500 program results are fed into the online tool, and every day more are added. This enables igus to offer the most accurate statements about the service life of its e‑chains. According to the manufacturer, the lifetime of energy chains is normally 10 million movements or more.

For further information visit the e-chain service life calculator at: www.igus.co.uk/info/e-chain-guarantee or call  igus directly on: 01604 677240

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