The drynamic mobility show: how motion plastics supports mobility trends


igus experts present how motion plastics can reduce costs and sustainably improve technology in a series of live shows

Our mobility is changing rapidly: e-scooters, e-bikes, e-cars and vehicles with alternative power sources are increasingly common. The concept of car sharing is also establishing itself in cities worldwide. At the IAA Mobility Show 2021 in Munich, igus will present its motion plastics products, solutions and innovations on six top trending topics.

Industry and plastics specialists will provide insights into how lubricant-free plastic solutions can contribute to sustainability. For example, plain bearings, linear guides and energy chains made of polymers reduce weight and reduce the need for lubricating oil, therefore improving fuel consumption. In a presentation about alternative drives, igus will show how polymer plain bearings can deliver a huge cost advantage over other bearings in powertrains. In the livestream on aerodynamics, corrosion at the bearing points in hingesis tested.

The experts in the Value Engineering slot will present igus’s rapid product development and optimization services. Autonomous driving also requires design creativity from developers. igus will demonstrate here how complex dynamic cable looms can be safely guided. But it’s not only in the car that igus’ plastic solutions show their merits. Even in bicycles, with or without batteries, plastic bearings give long service life, despite exposure to dirt and water. The igus “two-wheeler expert” will present a few real examples of weight and lubricant reduction to guests.

These six lectures will take place live from igus at the company headquarters in Cologne, and will be in English. All participants can ask questions to the experts directly after the broadcasts.

More information and free access to the presentations can be found at:

Schedule overview:

07 September 2021 – 08:30 & 16:00   Sustainability

08 September 2021 – 08:30 & 16:00  Autonomous driving

09 September 2021 – 08:30 & 16:00  Alternative drives

10 September 2021 – 08:30 & 16:00  Aerodynamic

11 September 2021 – 08:30 & 16:00  VAVE Value Engineering/Analysis

12 September 2021 – 08:30 & 16:00  Bicycle

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