VOTW- Never too far away from an igus® product when travelling on a train!


Never has a video highlighted the versatility of igus® products so well. When you think of a train you think industrial, massive loads and extremely dirty but using igus® products can eliminate some of those preconceptions. No grease required, durable so capable of high loads and made from hard wearing plastic!

In this week’s video of the week, you can see a whole range of igus® products being used. From motorised linear slides in door mechanisms to polymer bearings in arm rests, from curved rail helping smoothly open toilet doors to the igus® PRT slewing ring allowing seats to rotate 360°, the igus® range adapts to the challenges.

With specially designed materials for the train industry, not only can you be sure of a smooth ride, but you can also ensure it will be a safe one.

To view the video, click here https://youtu.be/TOLiAw-q8l0

For more information about the range of products used in this industry, visit the website https://www.igus.co.uk/info/industries-example-railway-technology

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